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Business branding and business growth strategy.
From business brand design and printing to business growth and outsourcing strategy planning.

About us

supporting business growth

Surge Business exists to support businesses. We offer business services that enable a business to grow. Our services include brand graphics design, printing, online presence, growth coaching, and more. 

surge business

What we do

Brand design

Our branding services help shape a consistent image of your business identity across different platforms.

  • printing
  • business cards & LOYALTY CARDS
  • Social Media & Document Graphics

growth Strategy

Our business strategy services support the business in mapping out the envisaged or desired growth.

  • business setup & registration
  • Growth planning & Coaching
  • Outsourcing strategy

Social media

Our social media services help the business develop social media campaigns.

  • social media setup
  • social media Advertising
  • content generation
  • analysis

Surge business

Our Services

Graphics Design

We create graphics that shape a consistent idea about the identity of your business. Our graphics designing includes:
- Logos
- Business cards
- Loyalty cards
- Social media graphics
- Brochures & flyers
- Company documents
- Events graphics & documents
- Advertising graphics


We offer printing for your work uniforms, events wear and other branding prints. We print group and company graphics as you may require.
- Work-wear printing
- Events t-shirt printing
- Other company merchandise printing
- Dropshipping for bulk printing

website & social media

Website & Social Media Setup will give your business online residence and help you reach far and beyond your immediate vicinity. We also help your business craft a WhatsApp advertising strategy and setup an online store or e-commerce.
- Website presence
- Social media presence

Coaching & Planning

We offer coaching to help you grow your business. If the big goals you have set for growing your business become too overwhelming to pursue, contact us for a session. We will help you get back to enjoying the process of entrepreneurship just like when it all started; full of enthusiasm.

outsourcing Consultation Services

Outsourcing non-core functions of your business will free you to excel at core and revenue generating functions. Contact us for your outsourcing strategy:
- Data capturing
- IT
- Content marketing

surge business


Company Certificate (Memorandum of Incorporation, MoI)


  • MoI New company registration can be done in just one day. T's&C's apply. A company registration certificate enables your business to trade better and allows access to opportunities including funding for growth. Contact us to get one for your business

Logo Design


  • Our prices start at R 350.00 for non urgent requirements.¬†Five free revisions are part of both packages and then R 50.00 will be charged for every revision thereafter.

Business Card Design


  • We design the business card graphics using the information you may provide including business logo. Five revisions are part of the package and then R 50.00 will be charged for every subsequent revision.

Loyalty Card Design


  • Five revisions are part of the package and then R 50.00 will be charged for every subsequent revision.